The Most Popular Australian Hashtags on Instagram

The Most Popular Australian Hashtags on Instagram

Reach Australian audiences on Instagram by using the most popular hashtags. These hashtags can be added to your posts to attract post likes and for growing a fan base of followers. These Australian hashtags can be used by anyone for, educational, personal or business use.


See the most popular Australian hashtags below, showing the number of posts that have been added to each thus far. The numbers are ever-increasing.
Hashtags can be thought of as categories as they help others conduct specific searches when looking for something in particular. Thousands of posts are added to these Australian hashtags on a daily basis. The order starts from the most frequently used to the least used hashtag, however, you will find there have been over a million posts within them.


Australian Hashtags with over 30 Million posts
#australia 70.4 Mil
#melbourne 33.87 Mil
#sydney 33.8 Mil


Australian Hashtags with over 7 Million Posts
#brisbane 11.9
#perth 10.6 Mil
#aussie 9.8 Mil
#victoria 9.1 Mil
#goldcoast 8.6 Mil


Australian Hashtags with over 3 Million Posts
#adelaide 6.4Mil
#newcastle 5.6 Mil
#seeaustralia 5.6 Mil
#aussiesofinstgram 5.2 Mil
#nsw 4.2 Mil
#wa 4.1 Mil
#westernaustralia 3.9 Mil
#tasmania 3.77 Mil
#sunshinecoast 3.4 Mil
#southaustralia 3.4 Mil
#australian 3 Mil


Australian Hashtags With Over 1 Million Posts
#canberra 2.95 Mil
#austrailanmade 2.8 Mil
#cairns 2.2 Mil
#oz 2.2 Mil
#qld 1.78 Mil
#darwin 1.7Mil
#sunshinestate 1.7Mil
#noosa 1.4 Miladelaide
#straya 1.4 Mil
#australianartist 1.3 Mil
#vic 1.1 Mil


Get The Most Out Of Your Instagram Posts
Your organic reach increases with the more hashtags you use, as the likelihood of your posts being shown to more people will increase. To get the most out of Instagram hashtags, use as many as thirty of them on any post. Use a minimum of 6 Hashtags with any post.

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