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You’re probably here because your website needs a fresh new look. Perhaps the design is feels outdated or pages look cluttered making information hard to find. It’s possible that your website may require new functionality, content may have become irrelevant and images need replacing. As a direct result you’re most likely struggling to attract new clients.

WordPress Website Makeover

Refresh, upgrade or transition

Choose from the strategies below to improve and revamp your online presence. 

Your Options

Business owwners can choose a method to suit their business objectives from the following three options.


If you’re satisfied with your theme but not entirely pleased with how your website looks, there are various ways to enhance its appearance. You might consider redesigning the layout, updating the content, or adding new features and functionality. Rest assured, these options are not only cost-effective but can greatly improve your website’s overall appeal.

2. Upgrade - GET A New theme

If you’re searching for the perfect theme for your business, it’s possible that you already have a particular theme that appeals to you. There are countless fantastic themes available for you to choose from in the market! Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a theme that is user-friendly for editing, loads quickly, and offers great flexibility, then the Divi theme by Elegant themes is an absolute must-consider. It’s akin to having a versatile tool at your disposal that can cater to the unique needs of any business.

2. Transition - To a Self-hosted WordPress Website

Transform your website creation experience by transitioning from another platform or website builder to a self-hosted WordPress website. Embrace the freedom and versatility that comes with managing your own website using the powerful WordPress platform. Enhance your online presence and take control of your website’s design, functionality, and customisation options. Google loves WordPress!

Let’s do this!

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