11 Reasons Not To Create A Business Website On WordPress.com

11 Reasons Not To Create A Business Website On WordPress.com

If you’re looking to launch a blog, WordPress.com is a great place to start. However, it’s not the best solution for business websites. This article will explain why WordPress.com is great for bloggers and hobbyists, but has serious limitations when it comes to managing a business website. If you’re looking to compete with other businesses on the online arena, I also offer helpful tips and an alternative to help you get started.

A List of WordPress.com Limitations

  1. You can’t upload plugins. This places restrictions and limitations on the functionality and features you’ll be able to add.
  2. Has a limited number of themes available and you can’t upload custom themes.
  3. They place ads on all free websites. You have no control over what they place on your site.
  4. E-commerce features start around a whopping $59 a month and you can’t add the free Woocommerce plugin or alternatives to PayPal such as Stripe.
  5. You can’t build membership websites on wordpress.com.
  6. Their free sites come with a branded subdomain. (E.g., https://yourwebsite.wordpress.com).
  7. The ‘powered by wordpress.com’ link will be displayed on your site. You get no choice.
  8. If they think your site violates their terms of service, they may delete it at any time.
  9. Insufficient analytics and you cannot add Google Analytics.
  10. Your site won’t be portable. You can’t just clone it or migrate it to web hosting company.
  11. Tiny storage space for images, games, audio, and videos.

Building Your WordPress.com Site might hurt your business

You Will Surely Face Fierce Digital Business Competition & Marketing

The limitations on wordpress.com for business are too many to ignore, particularly when the main risk factor is losing clients to your business rivals. Any limitations on your website will only hurt your business affecting your online reach and conversion rates. The most crucial objective for your website’s success, most times translating into the success of your business, is to own a website designed to win over the competition’s clients, and convert your site visitors into buyers. To achieve this, you must first understand the elements that make a website discoverable and competitive online.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the necessary process of creating and managing content on your website that is targeted, to be found by potential clients using a search engine when they type in search terms known as keywords. SEO is one area that is often overlooked by web design DIYs and ironically, it’s the most necessary component of any business website. The reason SEO is crucial to the success of your business is that without SEO your website is hidden, making the site ONLY visible to those typing in the web address on the search bar or clicking on a link. Websites that are optimised for search engines take a holistic approach, by strategically targeting content to ensure pages will found and to improve page ranking.  The reason ranking is important is that nobody cares about Google Search Results Pages (SERPs) that show up on the second page. A great SEO strategy always starts with understanding your target audience. Who are the people you want to reach with your content? Once you know this, you may want to create a buyer persona to help you fine-tune your content so that it appeals to your target audience. To create your own successful website, I recommend starting with a self-hosted WordPress website with SEO capabilities with the use of plugins.

Below is What You Need To Build Your Own Self-Hosted WordPress Website

  1. An ABN Number. Register for an Australian Business Number or ABN here if you don’t already have one.
  2. A Registered domain name (e.g. www.yourdomain.com.au)  and a web hosting plan. Both can be purchased from a 100% Australian Web hosting provider like VentraIP. They offer the DIY great prices and services. Their support is amazing and you talk to a human on their chats, not a bot.
  3. A WordPress theme – purchase the Premium Divi Theme Lifetime Access for hundreds of premium premade layouts, loads of value with unlimited use, unlimited downloads and support that doesn’t run out. Alternatively you may search for a WordPress theme at Themeforest.
  4. To install WordPress on your domain, go to your web hosting cPanel to use the Installation software.
  5. Once installed on your domain, you can begin the setup of: pages and the navigation menu. In the customizer you can also  customise your branding fonts and colours. Then you can also your logo and images for designing your WordPress website.
  6. WordPress plugins allow you to scale up your business as it grows with the use of plugins to add functionality and features.
  7. Use a great web copy. Content is everything! Using your list of keywords, formulate a great web copy, writing it for your buyer persona. This is the text content of your site. Then add it to your pages.
  8. Add on-page SEO using an activated and configured free & paid plugins like AIO SEO or Yoast SEO to ensure web pages can be found on the search engine result pages (SERPs).
  9. Then get organised by ditching your spreadsheets to automate your invoicing, and for collecting online payments and client details with forms. The Hectic app is my favourite for affordability and for ease of use.

    Their FREE FOREVER plan is packed with features and benefits such as:
    1. Unlimited clients
    2. Freelancer CRM
    3. Project management
    4. Invoices & Subscriptions
    5. Proposals & contracts
    6. Expenses & accounting
    7. Forms
    8. Time tracking
    9. Calendar
    10. IOS & android apps

The Hectic app makes scaling up your business affordable with two other plans in $USD. The PRO plan to level up your client experience, and introduce up to 5 team members (or request more) with the TEAMS plan. So whether you run a business as a sole traders.

I hope you have found this useful for learning how to best get started off with your own business on the right foot.

Transparency Statement

I stand to gain a small commission from sales resulting from affiliate links. However, I only endorse quality products that I try, use and test myself.

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