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My ultimate goal is to partner with individual subscribers to make sure that their website runs well, is secure, optimised, backed up, and is up-to-date for their peace of mind.

Best Security Practices

Since WordPress security relies heavily on the regular updates of the WordPress core, theme and plugins, it’s highly recommend doing this every week to ensure your site stays airtight and secure. 

Boost Performance & Protect

Get ready to boost your website’s performance and protect it from potential vulnerabilities with our comprehensive maintenance services. Choose one to suit your budget & your needs.


Static Websites – WordPress Maintenance Plans

By signing up for Maintenance Plans you agree to the terms and conditions located at the bottom of this page.

Note: Customise your plans with addons not listed in the table below. (Additional fees apply.)

Some websites may require updates to be conducted on a staging site – a clone of the website that requires testing before pushing to the live site. This is to take added precautions for websites that have complex functionality, such as membership sites, eLearning and Woocoommerce sites to name a few.


Frequently Asked Questions

Canberra WordPress Web Design and Help

Does website maintenance have a contract period?

No contracts are required for my maintenance plans. They’re month to month, so you can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice.

If you prefer a contract with an annual payment plan, I’m able to set that up for your peace of mind.

Is there a setup fee?

There is a separate setup fee for the Premium Plan. This is to set up the Keyword Rank Monitoring service which boosts your website’s visibility on the search engine for competitiveness.

Why I Charge This Fee?

The setup work takes a couple of days to complete.  SEO work requires research for the best results when adding keywords to your webpages, restructuring your web page content, adding keywords and tweaking your SEO plugin data.  Then tweaking them on my app to outrank your competition and there’s also testing time.

Premium Plan First Payment: Setup fee plus 1 month service up front = $500 (discounted for this plan) + $149 = $649.

Then $149 per month payable after services are conducted on the 20th of the following month or the next possible weekday.


What are my payment options?

For your convenience, I offer two payment options for maintenance and keyword ranking plans.

  1. DIRECT DEBIT:  The customer may set up a direct debit in their bank account for payments to clear in my account by the 19th of each month. Services are carried out on the 20th of each month (or the next available business day). 
  2. INVOICING: I can invoice you after the work has been complete. This option is only available for the Simply Updates and Advance care plans.

Simply let me know which method your prefer and if you have any questions.

What if I miss a payment?

Note: If you happen to miss two payments, your service may be cancelled. Don’t worry though, I’ll send you an email beforehand giving you the option to either reinstate the service or to confirm the cancellation. 

For non-replies the service will be automatically cancelled.  However, I love keeping you informed to make sure you’re always in the loop and have all the options available to you. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

I recommend setting up direct debit with your bank to be deducted before or around the 15th of each month, to clear in my account before the 19th.

If you prefer making easy recurring credit card payments with Stripe, please note there’s a 2.9% surcharge.

What is not included as part of Maintenance?

New pages, new functionality, larger website redesigns or redevelopment service are not included.  Also anything that is not listed as part of my maintenance care plans are not included.


Which Plan Do I Choose?

How to choose a plan based on on what site you have and what youre needs are.

Basic Care – Suitable for static sites that don’t receive a lot of traffic, and have no added functionality other than a contact form. No tech support is included in this plan.

Advanced Care – Suitable for Low-medium traffic sites that require the extras like performance and security scans. 30 minute  tech support is in cluded in this plan.

Premium Care – Suitable for Online stores and Woocommerce sites and for entrepreneurs who want a full premium services, Keyword Ranking to boost their websites visibility on the search engine and rank higher on search engine result pages, broken links monitoring, Uptime monitoring, and a Google statistics report included in with the monthly report. 1 hour of tech support is usually sufficient to fix any problems which may presnt themselves during the service.

NOTE: These plans are not suitable for multisite or custom WordPress framework builds.


Can You Create A Custom Site Care Plan?

Can I create a custom site care plan?

For those who would like to add another feature, like regular content management for example into their monthly plan, contact me to discuss your requirements and options.


Terms & Conditions

  • Greyed Out Text – Services that are greyed out in the aforementioned pricing tables are not included in the maintenance plan.
  • SEO Keyword Rank Monitoring  is a valuable tool offered in the Premium plan to enhance your online visibility and search engine ranking. Byresearching your best keywords and making web page adjustment, I will ensure that your pages achieve higher rankings on search engines for your top 100 keywords. This service also allows you to compare your ranking with that of your biggest competitors.
  • Discount Eligibility – Please note that only active paying maintenance clients are eligible for a 10% discount for their registered website.  No further discounts apply.
  • Fees – Maintenance services fees apply to each website, and the client will be billed for services rendered per website.  No further discounts apply for those who have more than one website.
  • PHP Upgrades – This upgrade is implemented as part of routine maintenance checks for clients who have subscribed to the Advanced, or Premium Care Plan as part of their Ad Hoc support. Clients who are on the Simply updates plan will receive notifications when a PHP update is necessary. They have the option to reach out to their Web Hosting Provider’s technical support team, or the busy entrepreneur may avail my services at a discounted rate of 10% to carry out the upgrade on their behalf.
  • Technical support Support for repairs as part of the Advanced Care and Premium Care plans are not accumulative expiring on a monthly basis. Tech support is solely intended for resolving technical issues directly related to the items listed in the client’s plan during maintenance. In the event that support work exceeds the allocated time within the plans, additional charges will apply at the current hourly support rate. Consent will be soutght from the client before undertaking any work exceeding the allocated support time.
  • Custom Plans – Plans can be tailored to the specific needs of each business. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your options. E.g. Content Management may be added as part of a custom plan, calculated at an hourly rate as per the requirements of the client.
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