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3 Good Reasons To Redesign A Dated WordPress Website

3 Good Reasons To Redesign A Dated WordPress Website

When researching the internet for goods and services, sometimes we stumble upon websites that just don’t meet our expectations. You know the ones – with tacky colours, flashy lights, branding is inconsistent, the layout is all over the shop, products and pages that are difficult to find and there’s way too much text to read. But did you know that having an outdated website can actually cost you money by turning away potential customers, leading to a loss of sales. But don’t worry, the solution is simple – focus on creating a well-designed website with a great user experience.

A modern and user-friendly website can really make a big difference in how people feel about our brand. With an awesome site, we can exceed the customers’ expectations and keep them coming back for more. So you can create a website that looks great and is easy to use. That way, your visitors can enjoy exploring everything you have to offer.

To redesign a WordPress site you may consider using the same theme, which is the more affordable option often used for refreshing the layout and style of a website.
However, changing your WordPress theme will also provide the freedom to create the kind of website you need and dream about.

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3 Good Reasons For A WordPress Theme Upgrade, Redesign & Website Refresh

  1. Dated websites can give a negative impression to those who are looking for a reputable business.
    First impressions are everything!  Ask yourself if your website accurately represents your business. What words can you associate with your existing website? Are they words like, excellence, modern, fresh, crisp, well branded, inviting, easy to use, stunning, comprehensible, competitive, current or professional?
  2. Current cutting-edge styles that are easy to navigate are more inviting and attractive.
    Well crafted websites incorporating branding, a great web copy that sells, SEO best practices combined with UX design (User Experience) to target your ideal customers adds value to your audience and to your business by maximising your potential and increasing the likelihood of reaching your goals for gaining that ROI (Return On Investment) business owners want.
  3. A fresh look is most likely to keep would-be clients interested and coming back for more.
    Want to make your website look amazing? Of course you do! Just remember, when we go to our favourite restaurants, it’s not just about the food. It’s also about the atmosphere, the location, the people, and the amazing staff. It’s all about building trust and making us feel welcome. The same goes for your website. You want it to create a great first impression that will turn visitors into loyal customers.

WordPress Theme Upgrades – Choosing A Theme

SWordPress has a vast array of theme templates to choose from. They’re all different. Choose one to suit your needs.

  • FREE THEMES – If you’re considering using a free WordPress theme, I just wanted to give you a friendly heads up. While there are definitely some great options out there, it’s important to keep in mind that some free themes may not have all the features or functionality you need to run your business successfully. Plus, some of them might not work with certain plugins you want to use. Another thing to be aware of is that free themes can sometimes pose a security risk as a large portion of them are seldom updated to the latest security patches. So, just something to keep in mind as you navigate the world of WordPress themes.
  • DIVI THEME – Have you heard about the amazing Divi Theme by Elegant Themes? It’s a top-notch premium theme that can help you create any kind of website you want, without any hassle! The best part? Its visual builder makes editing a breeze, so you can customize it in any way you like. Whether you want to go for a unique custom design or choose from their vast collection of professionally designed layouts, Divi has got you covered. So why wait? Start creating your dream website today with Divi!The Divi Theme by Elegant Themes can be used to create any type of website visually. If you’re interested in creating a professional looking DIY website, don’t go past their layout library packed with 100’s of premium premade layouts.
  • THEMEFOREST – If you know exactly what inclusions you need in a WordPress Theme, such as the plugins that you’re going to use, check out Themeforest.

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When people feel valued and trust your website, they’ll be more likely to stick around and make a purchase. So let’s leave those outdated websites behind and create something amazing together!

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