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Hi, I’m Sandra Ciminelli, a Canberra based WordPress freelancer providing professional quality WordPress web design/development and services for supporting small business, sole traders, startups and WordPress DIY’s Australia-wide.  I’m best described as an IT minded touch typist and social media nerd with a passion for WordPress, marketing, graphic design and image manipulation, troubleshooting issues, business blogging, coding, web design and development.

I enjoy developing my skills with online courses to offer the client  relevant solutions and services for today’s digital world. As an experienced user of Adobe Illustrator, Bridge, Dreamweaver and Photoshop and open source software such as Gimp (similar to Adobe Illustrator) and Canva Pro, I also bring graphic art and image manipulation to the table. Coding with CSS and HTML is also part of my skill set, enabling me to troubleshoot WordPress, PHP, coding and server issues.

My main desire is to make you look professional online with a beautiful site that performs.

Sandra Ciminelli - Canberra WordPress Freelancer at ACT Websites

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by Sandra Ciminelli - ACT Websites


    1. Certificate IV in Information Technology (Multimedia) (ICA40805) in 2010. Certificate No. MA0823.
    2. Completed 21.5 hours of The Complete WordPress Website Business Course in April 2020. The course was taught by WordPress teacher Gregg Davis. Certificate of Completion.

Ask Sandra

Get in touch with Sandra to enquire about WordPress design, development and services, even if you don’t know where to start from.

ACT Websites was first registered with ASIC in 2015

Start off on the right foot with a performance-based website, created to use as a marketing tool that is search engine friendly, has keyword-rich content and is mobile phone optimised.

I enjoy supporting men and women in small business with a bespoke service, focusing on providing quality customer service and professional outcomes. I will be honoured to be part of your success journey.

If you’ve begun a WordPress project but would like help finishing it, or improving the site in some way,  get in touch.  I’d love to get to know you and to find out how I can be of service.

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