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Create A Brand Logo That is Easily Recognised

Hi, I’m Sandra. As a qualified multi-media expert,  I’m highly experienced and knowledgeable in digital creation and manipulation.  I also understand the need for a scalable logo that works on many different mediums and across numerous platforms for your promotional purposes.

ACT Websites Incorporates 6 Strategic Logo Design Essentials

1. Authentic Design – Designed to be a major part of your branding to help you keep your marketing consistent across all media platforms.

2. Appropriateness – Design a logo that makes sense to your demographics.

3. Minimalism – keep it simple. Cluttered designs can be confusing and potentially cause a disconnect.

4. Clarity – simple designs without subtle effects, avoiding shadows or beveling, for your design to work best across different digital platforms.

5. Colour Concept – colours have meaning and are known to evoke emotions and give impressions about your brand. Choose carefully.

6. Versatility – available in formats such as *.png *.svg and *.jpg to name a few and come in various sizes and layouts such as horizontal, vertical and square versions. A white transparent copy of the logo enables posting the logo on dark backgrounds. (scroll down to see the ACT Websites white logo located on the footer.)


branding colour charts

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