4 Things To Consider Before Creating A Website

By Sandra Ciminelli – Web Designer/Developer

4 Things To Consider Before Creating A Website

While you’re figuring out how you will get your business online, if or not you will be doing it yourself, or whom you will hire to carry out your project, I’d like to share 4 basic tips to help you get the competitive and edgy site you’ll need for your growing business.

1. Registering Your Domain Name

Registering the domain name yourself, in your name on any reputable web host provider’s website, is as easy as filling out a form with your personal and business details and then making an online payment. 

Your domain name is your web address and needs to be your property. The wisest choice for sole traders and for WordPress DIY small business is to register everything in your own name so that you own everything outright and can seek help for those things via the support offered by product creators. 

Registering your domain name from the same place your buy your web hosting plan usually works out cheaper. There are some great Australian web hosting providers that offer free SSL Certificates and affordable plans. See the list below.

The SSL Certificates protect your site visitors data when they fill out online forms. These are a must for all websites, as Google now marks sites that don’t have one as ‘not secure.’ Sites without an SSL certificate run the risk of losing potential clients who prefer to avoid taking a risk.  Spambots collect the unprotected data to target potential victims for their scams or to sell that data to potential scammers. So it’s wise to protect your clients from identity theft.

Compare Hosting Plans – Australian Web Hosting Providers List

2. Simplify Your Life

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that can be quickly learned for DIY easy edits, eliminating the need for coding knowledge or experience. WordPress is easy to learn. Staff and business owners can be trained with the basics to add and remove content, and they can also be taught how to correctly post a blog on a self-hosted WordPress site. There are also WP communities, videos and WP Support Forums enabling WP users to troubleshoot just about any issue.

There’s also the option of hiring a WordPress web designer to add and remove content. Outsourcing the work has many added benefits to increase productivity and efficiency for busy entrepreneurs who simply need to get the job done as needed, without having to hire another staff member.

3. Ask About SEO & Mobile Phone Optimisation

Without SEO websites will fall short of becoming a promotional tool, but instead, the site will remain a simple web presence that will also fail to attract organic (unpaid) traffic. On-page SEO allows your web pages and posts to be found on the Google Search Engine and to render correctly when your links are posted on social media. Be sure to ask web designers if their quote for a brand new site includes on-page SEO using high performing and competitive keywords relevant to your niche.

Mobile phone optimisation ensures your site will function, look good and render smoothly across all digital devices.

4. Google Analytics Setup & Integration

Most business owners will use marketing to get their business noticed online. Why not measure the results of your efforts to get a first-hand look at your ROI?
Setting up a Google Analytics account is quite easy. Once you have set up a Google Analytics account, ask your web designer to integrate your google analytics account to the Google Search Console and on your website. This option is particularly useful for those who would like to keep track of the website’s visitors, conversions and lead generation statistics from posts and promotions. These statistics can help you design your marketing campaigns to strategically target your demographics. Thus saving you lots of wasted effort and money.

A plugin like Monster Insights can be added to your WordPress site to show you basic analytical data right on your WordPress Dashboard.

By Sandra Ciminelli.
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