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Opt for only the best Australian Web Hosting Providers for fast, affordable, and reliable services that comply with Australian laws.

Why Choose Australian?

Security-conscious Australian entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly interested in having their websites hosted locally.

Google searches for ‘Australian web hosting provider’ generates countless results of multinational companies appearing to be Australian. However, though they provide an Australian phone number, they are foreign owned in countries like Singapore or the Philippines, and for the most part they’re also operated from overseas.

How Choosing Australian Helps Australians

Choosing Australian web hosting may improve website loading speed, increase security, and provide better performance. The closer your web hosting provider is to your business location, the more beneficial it will be to you and your business.

See my list of Australian Web Hosting Providers to find one nearest you

Ventra IP /Melbourne

Data Centre: Sydney

Phone: 13 24 85

Go Hosting Australia / Canberra

Data Centre: Canberra

Phone: (02) 6176 3400


Net Virtue / Brisbane

Data Centres: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide

Phone: (07) 3067 3048


Digital Pacific/Sydney & Melbourne

Data Centre: Sydney & Melbourne

Phone: 1300 694 678


Dream IT Host / Sydney

Data Centres: Sydney & Auckland

Phone: 1300 434 151


“Buying Australian is important as ever. Not only does picking an Australian based and operated provider mean your website will be hosted locally (meaning it will load faster than websites hosted overseas), you are committing to keeping jobs in Australia and helping support an Australian business.”

Angelo Giuffrida
CEO, VentraIP Australia

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