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Branding is your master plan for success


Mini Brand Package

DIFFERENTIATE YOUR BUSINESS and Build Trust With Brand consistency

Position your business for success by defining your ideal customer and your brand identity. From there we will craft your strategic branding to provide an experience that resonates with your ideal customers to purposely create an emotional connection to your products and services through your brand’s personality and style. Develop brand messages by having clarity around your business purpose, vision, mission and values. Gain credibility across your promotional efforts with brand consistency.

Let’s work together to create your brand identity.

Build Credibility And Trust

ACT Websites can help you create a brand that resonates with your ideal client to represent your business with a distinction that sets you apart from the rest.

My custom brand design factors in your tastes and style, aesthetic appeal and the psychological impact your brand will have on your ideal client.

Get this incredible deal before it disappears!

Brands with signature stories possess a unique set of features, benefits, personality, values and factors to differentiate themselves from other businesses for a sustainable competitive advantage.” 

Sandra Ciminelli.

Brand Kits



Inclusions & Pricing Table

After you apply for my brand package deal, I will send you my quick and easy questionnaire to fill out!


Let’s work together to create your brand identity.  I take a deep dive into the core of your ‘why’ to uncover numerous things about your business.

Ideal Client Persona

Get real insights into your target market. Lets give your ideal customer a personality and get clarity about who they are, what the do, where they live and more!

Brand Creatives

4temI create up to 5 designs for you to choose from, and then if you don’t like any of those we can create another three for you to select from.

The logo you decide to keep will be saved in the *.png format, which is used for transparencies and a logo in an *.eps format..

  1. A horizontal Logo
  2. A vertical logo
  3. A small square logo for social media
  4. A white horizontal logo.

A site Icon will also be created. (512px x 512px)


See the look and feel of your brand in your brand kit.
The brand kit consists of fonts, colour palette, images, logo variations and I add from the hundreds of free stock photos available to me, or add the images you send me. Professional stock images be purchased from and similar websites.


Order double sided or single sided card design. It’s up to you.


Option 1: Order printing Directly from Canva. All you need is to register for a free account – I will email the approved templates to the client who will be able to order printing directly from the Canva app. So easy to do!

The prints will be posted to arrive at the location of your choice. Posting only within Australia. Please note that Canva prints and support for their prints are to be directed to the Canva support team.

Option 2: Download your business card template  – Order prints from the professional printing service of your choice in the EPS format.


Provide 4-5 Brand colours and hex codes.


I match up fonts to perfectly fit with the personality of your brand.



Brand Kit

A brand kit detailing your brand codes, colours and fonts.

Use this information to create marketing consistency in key areas such as your:

  1. website
  2. packaging
  3. newsletters, emails and templates
  4. business stationery
  5. promotions & presentation
  6. signage
  7. social media graphics
  8. Add your brand kit in your Canva Pro account.


If you simply prefer to record your existing brand in a perosnalised brandkit without purchasing the entire package: Priced at $99.00

Contact Sandra for details.

Not Included In This Package

Not Included In This Package

  • Printing Services – Client to order printing. However, I can order printing from Canva for the client as an additional extra (small fee) for which I will request the client’s credit card details, over the phone. 
  • Any additional work – Work requested other than what is listed in the package will be invoiced as an additional extra.
  • Promotional Design Creation – available as an additional extra which will be invoiced separately.
  • Stock Images – The supply and cost of professional stock images is not included. However, I have access to high resolution free stock images from various sites for marketing use. We may also use the high resolution images you provide.
  • Posting On Social Media – An additional extra charged at an hourly rate.
  • Posting on Website – Content management is an additional extra charged at an hourly rate.

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