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Social Media Must Haves

In the digital age, it’s not enough to have a website alone. To achieve success, businesses practice engaging their audiences with great content for driving paid and unpaid traffic to their landing pages through social media platforms.

Integrating social media accounts to a website is crucial for businesses wanting to grow their audience and drive sales by engaging and informing potential customers on a regular basis. 

What Are The Benefits?

The main benefit is that websites gain more exposure with a socially engaged business that focuses on adding value to their audience. Below you will find a number of benefits.

  1. Generate leads – Reach more people and build the customer journey from social media to your landing pages to generate leads.
  2. Grow your followers – Add social share and follow buttons on your website.
  3. Embed social feeds – e.g. Add Instagram or Go Pro feeds on your website. Depending on the plugin used, they can be displayed as static or as sliders and carousels. View my static Instagram social feed by scrolling down the page.
  4. Share blog posts – This can be done directly from your website to your social media pages and in groups using a plugin.
  5. Google & Facebook Reviews – Show your reviews and and receive ratings and reviews directly on your website.
  6. Study your audience – Use analytics and study feedback to learn what works and what doesn’t. Use that information to improve your products services.
  7. Embed Video Content – Embed videos that you’ve uploaded to YouTube or other Video libraries that offer the embedding option.
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