SEO Keywords

How To Use SEO Keywords To Show Up On Google

How To Use SEO Keywords To Show Up On Google

Meaningful and impacting websites need to reflect excellence to encompass the whole aspect of the design. For this reason, SEO cannot be overlooked as the most crucial aspect of the website for enabling others to find your business on Google using keywords or search terms.

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Win Over Your Competitors Audience

The following two options go hand in hand to increase the online visibility of your business web pages with SEO that will drive a constant flow of organic (free) traffic to your website.

SEO Keyword Optimisation


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1. On-page SEO

Using a well-configured WordPress SEO plugin, such as the All In One SEO Pack (free version) is of my favourites for small business use, to pair up with a cleverly crafted web copy using keyword-rich page content to help your site be found for key phrases and search terms others type into Google.

However, if you want to be seen in a competitive market SEO needs to be elevated to the next level with this next step.

2. SEO Keyword Rank Monitoring

SEO Keyword Rank Monitoring will boost your website’s exposure to your target audience, allow you to track performance, monitor competitors for an overview on how your pages rank against them, combine all your keywords, scale up your keyword strategy, see weekly changes and make improvements, increase your site’s visibility, drive organic traffic to your site and position your website search results on the first page of Google.

Sandra can help you find and monitor your keywords.  See my SEO Keyword Rank Monitoring Package deal and WordPress Site Care Plans.

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