Reasons To Invest Wisely On Your Business Website

By Sandra Ciminelli – Web Designer/Developer

Reasons To Invest Wisely On Your Business Website

Making the best first impression with a well designed website dramatically increases the chances of retaining our website visitors for longer. By offering quality, we are in effect adding value to others.

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Highly successful entrepreneurs are usually great at adding value to their clients. These companies or business owners become highly recognisable for their branding and are sustained by the reputation they’ve made for themselves by providing quality goods and services, along with great customer service. 

The Benefits of Investing in A Quality Website

The benefit of investing in quality web design is another aspect of adding value to our clients. 

The customer experience or ‘journey’ when engaging with our business in every aspect of communication is called a Marketing Funnel. From business email correspondence to an enquirer phone call, every aspect of the client experience and interaction is an opportunity to add value. Without adding worth to the consumer our chances for success are miniscule.

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Poorly Designed Sites & Audience Impact
This is what potential clients immediately notice when first landing on your website from a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

  • the length of time a page takes to load – long waits repel potential clients driving them to the competitor. The average person only spends about 3 minutes on a website, spending much less time waiting on a site to load.
  • the aesthetics of the site – is it pleasing to the eye?  Poorly designed, old outdated websites, colours that aren’t visually friendly, inconsistant text formatting, margins out of whack and links do not render correctly on social media are major key ingredients to avoid on our site or to fix as a matter of priority.
  • the quality of the information provided & relevance – the site needs to immediately inform the potential client of what you have to offer. Old outdated information needs to be removed asap and/or be replaced with updated versions. Confusing information or the lack of it will only drive customers away to look elsewhere. Too many spelling errors are a put-off. Promoting unavailable products can be quite frustrating to enquirers and take up some valuable business time that could be otherwise spent elsewhere other than on the phone. 
  • the ease of navigation – Too many clicks to get to what we are looking for, products and services difficult to find, conflicting or confusing information can be frustrating.  Site searches need to be done rather quickly if we wish to attract people’s attention and keep it.

The Risk: Not being taken seriously, loss of credibility and repel potential clients from buying anything or coming back.  

Search Engine Optimisation

A website is more than just a web presence as it can be used as a powerful promotional tool that converts, particularly with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) added.
SEO is a vital component of all good web design, especially for those with the intent of promoting their goods and service online. SEO information allows online search results to display information about the site, allowing a site to also render correctly when a blog post or page link is posted on social media. 
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The risk: looking unprofessional and missing out on the volume of clients required to make a business successful. Information not rendering correctly when link is posted on social media.
Combined with a quality marketing campaign to get your goods and services noticed on social media, excellent web design turns your website into a powerful promotional tool.
WordPress is Search Engine Friendly
Many do-it-yourself website builders are easy to use, can end up costing more money and most are not known for great SEO capabilities.
WordPress websites are a great investment due to SEO capabilities, no coding knowlege is needed for content management and WordPress ranks well on the Google search engine.
Matt Cutts from Google explains why Google loves WordPress.  
Don’t miss out on you true business potential. Invest wisely.
If you’re looking for web design that is SEO friendly, asthetically pleasing, renders well on social media and on digital devices, is fast loading, has consistant formatting throughout and is easy to navigate contact Sandra with your enquiry.
I use only quality products and themes for the best possible outcome. The Divi theme is available.


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