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8 Inspirational Quotes By Leading Australian Women

By Sandra Ciminelli – Web Designer/Developer

8 Inspirational Quotes By Leading Australian Women

Let the flame of inspiration be kindled within every Australian woman in business with these 8 empowering quotes from influential Australian women. Illuminate your path to success and awaken your true potential through the wisdom and insights shared by these remarkable female leaders. May their words spark a fire in your heart and drive you towards greatness.

The 8 Inspirational Quotes By Leading Australian Women are:

  1. “You got to try and reach for the stars or try and achieve the unreachable.”
    Cathy Freeman – Australian Sprinter and Runner

  2. “This journey that I’ve been on has shown me that it doesn’t matter how big your muscles are, you need to have a big heart and you need to have a strong attitude and mindset.”
    Turia PItt – Athlete, Actor & Motivational Speaker

  3. “To be driven by passion is more likely to bring success than to be driven by money. It’s an unrealistic notion that money makes you happy.”
    Carolyn Creswell
    – Founder and Managing Director of the Carman’s Fine Foods

  4. “Loyalty, kindness and compassion are very important in friendship and business partnerships. I like to think I have those qualities, too.”
    Jennifer Hawkins – Model Presenter

  5. “If I can do it, so can you, and by the way confidence is contagious.”
    Lisa Wilkinson – Australian Television Presenter

  6. “If we don’t band together as women to help each other, we won’t move forward.”
    Nicole Kidman – Australian Hollywood Actress

  7. “Success flows when you throw yourself in and have a go, mistakes and all!”
    Emma Isaacs – CEO of Business Chicks

  8. “There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say ‘watch me.'”
    Layne Beachley – Australian Surfer

In conclusion, I hope these quotes have served as a source of motivation, inspiring you to reach for the stars and achieve your full potential. Women can do just about anything! I hope you grow and learn as an individual, take risks, and don’t be afraid to fail. Remember, the only way to achieve success is by putting in the time and effort and by believing in yourself. Take courage as you step out into the unknown future and count your blessings along the way.

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International Women’s Day is held every year on March 8, to celebrate women’s achievements, for increased visibility and to promote equality for women of all ages around the globe.


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