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Canberra WordPress Site Care Plans and SEO Keyword Rank & Monitoring monthly services.

WordPress Site Care Plan & SEO Keyword Rank Monitoring


Choose from one of our WordPress Site Care Plans. Our two feature-packed plans are designed to give you peace of mind and the time to look after your business while we take care of your WordPress site for you.  The SEO Keyword Rank & Monitoring service will help to index your site and rank higher on the Google SERP.

Simply apply by filling out the registration form. Instructions will be sent by email. Sandra will contact you by your preferred contact method to help you get started or to answer your inquiry.

Pricing Table: The ‘m’ represents for ‘minutes’.

Choose a Site Care Plan Thats Right For You

The Benefits of Signing Up

  1. No contracts.  Pay as you go staying one month in advance. Opt out with a month’s notice.
  2. A one-time security and performance check after registration.
  3. Maximise your website’s performance and stability.
  4. Update to the latest WordPress Core file, PHP version, plugins and themes.
  5. Reduce the chances of potential hacking and site crashes.
  6. Identify key areas requiring attention.
  7. Create up to date restore points with regular backups.
  8. Save 25% off the price of all other services.
SEO Keyword Rank Monitoring

Choosing The Right Plan

Basic Site Care Plan – For static websites that experience minimal content changes.

Advanced Site Care – Suitable for small to medium-size businesses, Woocommerce and membership sites experiencing regular content changes.

SEO Rank & Monitoring Service – Increase organic traffic to your site by boosting your page ranking and visibility with this service. Combine SEO Rank Monitoring with one of the site care options at a discounted rate.

Clients requiring the SEO Keyword as an addon to your existing WordPress Site Care Plan contact Sandra.

Pay the initial setup one-time fee then the following month you pay regular service payments.  Cancel at any time with a month’s notice.

How WordPress Care Plans Work

Care tasks are carried on a monthly basis to keep my client’s sites running at optimum level. With the exception of incremental backups that may be automated to run hourly, daily, weekly, or even fortnightly, depending on your plan.

Upon activation of my site care plans, all updates and a backup will be carried out along with a security check and performance check. A first report will also be sent out.


Site owners will be notified by email if anything irregular should be found during maintenance services and if extra technical work needs to be carried out that requires extra time.  Due to the payment structure for WordPress Care Plans, (pay as you go), my existing clients will be notified of any fee changes. Prices are subject to change without further notice.


All website backups are saved on our secure and encrypted remote cloud storage account. The maximum backup interval available is conducted hourly. No Real-time backup is available.

Direct Debit Payments

The client is to pay via PayPal unless they wish to set up direct debit payments if it’s easier to track. Payments for direct debits, are to be in my account by the 19th of each month as maintenance is carried out on the 20th of each month or the next available working day.

The idea is to always be paid up one month in advance. Cancel at any time with a month’s notice.


Canberra WordPress Web Design and Help

By signing up the client agrees to the following:

WORDPRESS SITE CARE – To make an initial payment being for two months of their chosen WordPress plan.

Regular monthly payments commence the month following signup. The client agrees to stay paid up for one month in advance.

Payment recurrences are to be canceled by the client if they wish for services to stop and to give ACT Websites a month’s notice of intended cancellation.

Two missed payments equal the termination of service.

SEO KEYWORD RANK & MONITORING – Due to the nature of the service for keyword optimisation a setup fee of $70 is required, plus two weeks of monitoring fee.  Regular payments commence the following month after setup.  This keeps the client paid up a month in advance. Cancel at any time by sending a month’s notice by email to ACT Websites.


The client is to send me an email requesting their cancellation a month prior to the final service. A final service will be carried out for the month the client has paid up to. Under no circumstances will a refund will be given for the deposit.

Note: Services will be automatically terminated after two payments are missed. The client will be notified by email. 


Major updates will be carried out and tested on a clone of the site.

* The above services are subject to change at any time without further notice.

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