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WordPress Consultation Bookings

Need to talk to a human for pointers and tips to help you sort out your WordPress website?

No problem! Sandra is here to help beginners and WordPress DIYs get the most out of their website.

You have come to the right place if you are:

  • NYou're a WordPress beginner living anywhere in Australia needing to talk to a human face to face.
  • NUncertain about who to register your domain with and which web hosting provider to choose.
  • NA WordPress DIY who has become stuck with an unfinished WordPress project.
  • NLooking to add features and functionality unsure about what plugins to choose.

Are you stuck with an unfinished self-hosted WordPress project?

WordPress consultation services are mainly geared to help beginners who are having a crack at doing it for themselves. WordPress DIY’s looking for a bit of support can bounce ideas off me, get professional advice and recommendations. I am happy to guide you to the next steps that may allow you to finish the project you’ve started.

Perhaps you have a great business idea but don’t know where to start?

You may also feel more confident talking to an actual person rather than watching copious amounts of video content and spending hours of your valuable time wasted on research.

During the consultation I can provide instant information for things like: 

  • Registering a domain name, where and how to do it.
  • Where to get web hosting and what hosting packages will suit your business.
  • How to add and remove content on an existing WordPress site.
  • What plugins are best suited for any particular function, based on what you’re trying to do.
  • Have a look at your current site to give advice on ways you can improve aesthetics to make it more inviting.


WordPress Beginners Face To Face Consultation Fees 

My consultation services are useful for small business, sole traders, WordPress DIYs and any WordPress startup requiring a bit of guidance.


      • Send an email enquiry. I will respond to schedule the next available date.
      • Zoom meetings – I will send a link and password for Zoom meeting access within 24 hours of arranging a Zoom meeting.
      • Client Cancellations – cancellations are to be made 24 hours before the appointment.
      • My Cancellations  – if for some reason I need to cancel your appointment, the client will be notified and we can reschedule via email or a phone call.
      • No website work is carried out during the consultation fee.  However, I may wish to look at a WordPress website to give me a better understanding of the issue at hand, and request to login to the Dashboard.
      • To get started, use the buttons on the price list to contact me, to provide your details, tell me what type of consultation you’re after and to tell me how I can be of assistance?

Appointment Availability

Appointments are available Monday-Friday.
I am closed on weekends and public holidays. 

Please check closing dates and public holiday dates excluded from appointment bookings.

Closed annually for the Christmas period: 22 December 2021, returning on 4 January or the next weekday. 

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