Web Design Toolbox For WordPress Freelancers & DIYs

Web Design Toolbox For WordPress Freelancers & DIYs

Web Design Toolbox for WordPress Freelancers & DIYs is a compilation of the business tools I use as a WordPress Freelance Web Designer/Developer. Gain access to the tools in my toolbox that help me add value to my clients, design content for use in marketing, and enhance the quality of my website and web design work. Use these resources for your business and/or WordPress website.

Have a look at the list below for some amazing quality items.

WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is a tool that can be uploaded and activated on a WordPress website to change the layout and design of your website. Themes have options to customise the appearance of your site, including the layout, colour, typography and other design elements. Opt for premium quality themes. Here are my two favourite places to find responsive themes for WordPress web design:

Divi by Elegant ThemesA premium WordPress theme with drag and drop features for creating crisp and modern designs that your clients will love. The design possibilities are endless for creating custom designs with Divi, and there are also hundreds of premade layouts to choose from. The Lifetime Access membership offers unbeatable value for a one-time fee. Lifetime Access members get to use all of the Elegant Theme’s products on unlimited sites. Elegant Themes products are well documented, and there are tons of help files available and video help resources online. Under the lifetime membership, get unlimited downloads, great support services that don’t run out in six months to a year as some other major theme/builders do, unlimited downloads, and use of the Monarch social media plugin under the one license. Annual License or Lifetime Access option. 

Note: I stand to make a small commission from purchases made directly by clicking the above link. Theme Forest – Themeforest is one of the largest online WordPress resources for web designers. Theme Forest has a vast selection of WordPress themes that can be viewed as demos and can be purchased and downloaded at reasonable prices. There are themes for just about any business, priced in $USD.  

Migration & Clone Tool for Divi & Elementor

SitePRESSER –  Package themes, settings, layouts & plugins. Also, package child themes and migrate Divi and Elementor sites with ease. Package your child theme designs quickly with the SitePRESSER plugin. SitePRESSER is easy to use, is well documented, and supported. One time only fee, SitePRESSER has an option to white label the plugin and gives you options to choose which elements to package and import. Annual fee.

See the SitePRESSER Teaser video.

We built SitePRESSER to make packaging up WordPress themes for sale much easier. Web designers looking to add revenue from theme sales want their clients to experience a seamless one-click installation process, that’s quick, easy, and safe and that’s what SitePRESSER does. SitePRESSER also comes with a set of tools to speed up your workflow, by checking for large or unused images or replacing stock images with placeholder images on export. With the ability to add your branding to the installation process, and you’ve got a tool that makes theme sellers look professional and stylish.”  Melissa Love

Note: I stand to make a small commission from purchases made directly by clicking the above link.

Graphic Design Tools & Stock Images & Marketing Tools

Canva Pro – Look professional online in your marketing efforts with the Canva Pro account. Web designers and developers, business owners and anyone without experience can create their marketing material, design logos, videos, and more. Use images in web design, upload your images into folders to use over and over again. Print your designs, share your designs and order prints in various formats. Use the templates for social media platforms without having to guess or look up the correct sizes. Canva Pro offers great support and is well worth it with a monthly fee or annual fee payment options. Free for non-profits.

Watch The Canva Pro Video

Note: I stand to make a small commission from purchases made directly by clicking the above link.

GIMP – An open-source high-quality photo manipulation/graphic design tool similar to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Retouch, restore and enhance images, create logos and fantastic graphic creations with this free-to-use software. Download it to your desktop. Gimp is fantastic and is recommended for intermediate to advanced graphic design creatives.

Where to Find Free Images for Commercial Use – See a huge list of free stock images for business use on this blog post. Most will not require attribution, but please read all image licensing to avoid copyright infringements and/or legal hassles.

Community Calendar – The Australian community calendar helps a company/sole trader or small business to line up social media marketing with key national and international events. Search for an online community calendar relevant to the country you are in.

Branding Colour Charts – Access my hex colour codes to use in branding or for creative digital design and marketing projects.

Google Products

The Google Search Console – Submit website URLs to the Google Search Engine, submit site maps, monitor site performance, check keyword performance, and more!  Free tool.

Gmail for Business – use your own domain to create a professional email address, access email from anywhere, and allow Gmail to separate spam into promotion and social folders away from your inbox. Low monthly fees apply. 

Google Fonts – Choose from a large selection of open source and 100% free fonts for commercial use.

FTP Software

FileZilla – A free open-source FTP software, distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Probably the world’s most popular FTP client, FileZilla is feature-packed as it only supports FTP, but also FTP over TLS (FTPS) and SFTP.

FileZilla Pro comes with additional protocol support for WebDAV, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure Blob and File Storage, and Google Cloud Storage. Support is available through their forums.  Visit their site for more information.

SEO Tools

Ubbersuggest – Enter a domain or keyword in the search bar to get statistics for free! Create a free membership to gain insights into the strategies that work for others to improve your website’s online performance. Access keyword suggestions based on what others are typing into the Google search engine. See and examine backlink data. Free and paid services are available.

All In One SEO (AISEO) – Jam-packed with features, the free and paid versions of this WordPress SEO plugin are fantastic for business and blogging use.

Yoast SEO – Great SEO learning features enable even the novice to tweak SEO for better performance. This makes the plugin one of the best choices for business and blogging. Free and paid versions are available.

Website Testing Utilities

Down for Everyone or Just me A very handy tool for WordPress freelancers to find out if a website is just down for them or for everyone else. Simply type in or copy and paste the link into the search bar.

Pingdom – A website speed testing tool. Analyse your website load speed to see how well your site performs. This tool gives insights to web developers enabling them to optimise their web performance.

Facebook Sharing Debugger For Developers This tool helps to test pages and post links that have been posted on Facebook, but don’t render correctly to show an image and a title.   

Web Hosting

Australian Web Hosting Providers – These web hosting providers have their customer services, servers and datacentres located in Australia. I like to use them for my client’s peace of mind. There are many to choose from. Note: Base the Webhosting packages on your client’s needs. Compare services carefully.

Do you require WordPress web design & development?

As a WordPress freelancer working from home, I’m able to keep my services at reasonable prices. I work hard to ensure every WordPress website created by me is a complete targeted promotional tool equipped with on-page SEO and is mobile phone optimised. See what goes into each and every new WordPress website I design and develop. You might like help with creating your brand or with rebranding your business. Learn about branding here. Contact Sandra to book your free 30-minute Zoom consultation appointment or to make your enquiry. Quite often I put finishing touches on the WordPress websites my clients have created themselves.  If that sounds like you, get in touch to let me know how I can help.

Transparency Statement

I stand to gain a small commission from sales resulting from affiliate links. However, I only endorse quality products that I try, use and test myself.

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