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Video Marketing – What type of Video to Make?

By Sandra Ciminelli – Web Designer/Developer

Video Marketing – What type of Video to Make?

Video marketing provides informative entertainment to potential customers.  Videos are great for building buzz around products and services as they are highly shareable, particularly when produced with content that delivers quality to give your audience value. When used effectively a good video can communicate to a wide audience about your products and services to build trust. Videos can also be fun and can be produced in various ways. If you’re considering making a video but you’re not sure what type of video to make here’s is a list of the types of videos that can be created.

Video Types

    1. Testimonials
      Word of mouth is probably the best marketing as people quite often prefer to hear an endorsement from a person who has experienced a product or service as opposed to reading about it on a website. Testimonial videos put a face to words, provide credibility and are used to establish trust.
    2. Interviews with Thought Leaders or Influencers
      A video with a highly trusted thought leader can help start the conversation with your target audience and is great leverage to get you and your products and services noticed. Two or more people on the camera are presented as news.   Google Hangouts or Skype can be used to produce these.
    3. Holiday & Community Events
      Everyone can relate to holiday events and special dates.  Holiday blogs turned into Video Blogs can be a fun way to share your experiences with others. Targeting videos to coincide with important community events can also help to raise awareness for special causes and serves to market to a like-minded audience.
    4. Call to Action
      These types of videos can be really informative about a new product, service, course or event.  They can also request that people sign up, visit a website or take part in a competition.  A call to action is simply asking the audience to do something at the end of the video.  e.g. Charity may ask for donations.
    5. Instagram Reels
      Fun Instagram reels are short 15 second videos to get your business noticed by your target audience, family and friends. Find out how Instagram Reels it work.  Keep your audience interested with behind the scenes quality meet the staff footage featuring staff members in their work environment doing what they do best or simply smiling and waving at everyone.
    6. A Talking Head
      This can just be a “talking head” type .of video with a person just talking to the camera about their products & services. They can be used as a welcome on a home page or more personally as a self-introduction on an ‘about me’ page of your website.
    7. Video PowerPoint
      A narrated PowerPoint is easy to make.  Add voice narration and there you have a video.  For Mac users – Keynote.  For Windows users – PowerPoint.
    8. Animated Video
      You can create your own cartoons or animated explainer or instructional videos on some really great video creation sites like Fiverr,  Nawmal or GoAnimate.  You may want to outsource that if you’ve never done anything like that before or have a go at making them yourself at PowToon.

Tips &  Industry Knowledge
A great way to add credibility to your business. Create video sharing tips about your niche market and upload them to your YouTube channel. Talk about a subject that you’re passionate about to share and grow your audience.

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