The Cost Of Having An Out-dated Website

The Cost Of Having An Out-dated Website

Many times while searching the internet for goods and services I’ve come across some really awful dated websites that have flashing lights, fluoro colours, text spanning from one end of my monitor to another or they were too difficult to navigate through to find their products.   These were all unpleasant experiences!   There are so many benefits to having a modern site that is functional and user friendly.

Here’s why updating and refreshing your website could be one of the wisest business investments you’ll ever make.

  1. Dated websites can give a negative impression to those who are looking for a reputable business. First impressions are everything!
  2. Current cutting-edge styles that are easy to navigate are more inviting and attractive.
  3. A fresh look is most likely to keep would-be clients interested and coming back for more.
  4. The whole concept is to increase your client base by making it a pleasant experience for everyone.

Points to consider when upgrading and refreshing your website.

  • The layout is so important and the new website design has to be functional to suit your business needs. WordPress has a vast array of theme templates to choose from.
  • A map inclusion for easy location with a site that is also responsive is a must in keeping up- to-date with today’s technology and communication trends.
  • You might like your clients to buy from you online. A site with PayPal or an ecommerce option where clients can instantly purchase your goods and services is going to engage those online shoppers that would otherwise be too far away to come into your store.
  • Social media integration is a must as a great looking website instantly becomes shareable with its share worthy content.

Transparency Statement

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