Surge of Online Shoppers & Businesses Adapting to Change

By Sandra Ciminelli – Web Designer/Developer

Surge of Online Shoppers & Businesses Adapting to Change

Surge of Online Shoppers & Businesses Adapting to Change

The impact caused by the need for social distancing due to the Coronavirus outbreak on the global economy may lead to a paradigm shift in the way we conduct business in the future.  Companies have taken safety measures opting to lay-off staff, while others have asked them to work from home.

After 130 years of operating in Australia, the retail giant Myers have had to prioritise the health of their employees, leading to hundreds of team members being stood down Australia-wide. Myer has opted to trade solely online until the crisis is over, according to 7 News.

[bctt tweet=”The Australian government is adamant that this crisis is a temporary setback, intending for businesses to re-open. However, realistically we can expect quite a few businesses may never re-emerge.” username=”68Stang”]

Scott Morrison has said, “We want these businesses to effectively go into hibernation, which means on the other side, the employees come back, the opportunities come back, the economy comes back,” 

Savvy entrepreneurs, lucky enough to remain open for business, are diligently adapting to the global crisis by thinking ‘outside of the box’ to restructure the way they usually conduct business. Most of them opting to go cashless by only accepting online payments.

[bctt tweet=”A leading example of how Australian businesses are adapting to the social change can be seen in our take away shops and restaurants that remain open.” username=””]

They work behind closed doors wearing face masks and rubber gloves to cook for the general public. The cooked food is then delivered locally, mostly using Uber Eats or by their own delivery employees or delivery companies without the need for person-to-person contact. To make it safe for the delivery person and the recipients, payments are taken online and the food is left on the doorstep after an initial knock on the door.

Online Trends Rising

The majority of consumers have particularly taken to online shopping amid the Coronavirus anxiety, causing a surge of desperate online shoppers looking to stock up on medications. Now they mostly shop online for groceries and to buy the most basic supplies not found on supermarket shelves due to shortages. Statistics show that trends are changing. People are now buying online in a similar fashion as before the pandemic.

However, the upward trend towards online shopping was happening before the pandemic. In 19In April 2019 CNBC released an article titled, Online Shopping Overtakes Retail For The First Time Ever.

Others are taking to the internet to reinvent themselves, to learn new trades and upskill what they currently know. Websites like UDEMY have literally hundreds of courses available for free or at next to nothing. 

Due to the many discussions on Global warming, many of us have become more ethically minded for saving the planet, with some of us gearing our businesses to become more sustainable. 

The options are endless for those who are looking to start up fresh. If you’re considering running your own online business have a look at what you get with every new WordPress website created by Sandra, a WordPress freelancer located in Canberra, Australia.

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