SEO Keyword Page Ranking


The total charged here is for the initial setup $150, plus 2 x $70 monthly monitoring services, totalling $290 for the initial setup. The client is to set up a direct debit with their bank for payments to be deducted from the following month.  This works to allow the client to cancel at any time with a months notice. An email will be sent with bank details and instructions on how we can get you started.


Ranking on the first page of Google boosts credibility among your potential clients. An affordable service. Suitable for smaller businesses who want to improve their rankings, visibility and organic traffic to their site. Sandra can set up your keywords, provide a monthly report to show your stats and gain perspective on how well your business fares against your competitors. Includes 30 mins of keyword tweaking per month if required for improving keyword results. Unused time expires at the end of the month.

NOTE – If you are currently on one of my WordPress Site Care Plans and would like to include SEO Keyword Ranking, a 25% discount applies to you. Please contact Sandra to arrange setup and payment.

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