Privacy Policy An Australian Legal Requirement

By Sandra Ciminelli – Web Designer/Developer

Privacy Policy An Australian Legal Requirement

MUST HAVE – A Privacy Policy For Your Website

A privacy policy is a comprehensive and informative legal document to be used on any type of website or on social media, used to inform users how their information will be handled. A privacy policy reassures your website visitors and potential customers that your reputable business will not misuse their details, nor spam their email. A privacy policy demonstrates that you care about security of their information and also informs the client about the use of cookies or ‘beacons’.

What does a privacy policy statement usually promise to protect?

  1. Names
  2. Email Addresses
  3. Phone Numbers
  4. Credit card numbers
  5. Any other information provided over the internet on a website on any type of online form.

Reasons to have a privacy policy

Australian Law – Any website with a basic contact form needs a privacy policy statement, as it is an Australian legal requirement to have a privacy policy telling others what you will be doing with their personal and private information. A Google Requirement – Google can penalise a website in the Google Search results affecting ranking for those sites which do not have a privacy policy. Build Trust – Add credibility to your business and build trust with potential clients and website visitors. Believe it or not, many people actually read privacy policies.

Where can I get a Privacy Policy from? 

TWO OPTIONS: 1. LEGAL FIRM ONLINE FORMS Net Lawman is one of many Australian and international legal firms offering privacy policy templates. They provide two options:

  1. Source a Privacy Policy template for $15 which can then be downloaded and which you can adapt to make it your own.
  2. The other option is to buy the template with a legal review for $214. This means they will conduct a detailed assessment, read instructions answer questions and follow your instruction based on your requirements and more.

2. COPY AND REWRITE MINE If you decide to copy my privacy policy to use on your website, replace my details with yours and make sure that everything in the privacy policy applies to your business. Remove what doesn’t apply and add any missing information for making your privacy policy compliant and legal.  If you use a copy, it is your responsibility to ensure the information you use on your website for your business is correct and meets your legal requirements.

DISCLAIMER: While I am  happy to provide you with a free template, I take no responsibility for it’s contents nor for its use. Sandra Ciminelli ACT Websites

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