10 Strategic Ways To Outrank Your Competitors

10 ways to outrank your competition

Written By Sandra Ciminelli

Sandra is a WordPress freelancer who is passionate about seeing small business flourish.

10 Strategic Ways To Outrank Your Competitors

Study these ten strategic tips to analyse the competition and apply what you’ve learned to simply do it better.

1. Identify Your Top 5 Competitors
Knowing who our main competitors are is the first step at understanding what we are up against in a competitive market. Take an in-depth look with an analytic approach. This method provides an enormous opportunity to maximise your business potential.

2. Investigate Their Online Presence
Study their web content and social media accounts. Use social listening to study their mentions. What are others saying about their products or services?

3. Analyse Their Reputation
Type in your competitors business name into a Google search bar. Study their Google and Facebook ratings and reviews. Pay careful attention to what others love about them and what they don’t like. What are they complaining about?  Also, pay attention to the replies left by the competitor, if any.

4. Find Out Their Keyword Positioning
Study how high your competitor ranks for certain keywords and identify your competition’s primary traffic sources. Gaining web traffic is the primary goal of owning a website.

5. Research The Best Performing Keywords
Use online tools such as Semrush or Ubbersuggest to research your top niche keywords. Then apply the best performing keywords to your web content with a keyword-rich strategy using on-page SEO. WordPress users are encouraged to use a reputable SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO or AIOSEO, adding all of the required information and the keywords from your list.

7. Sign Up For Your Competitors Newsletter
Use their websites opt-in form to sign up for their newsletter. Keep tabs on what they are currently doing, what they plan to do, and study how they utilise their email marketing strategy to retarget their audience.

8. Review Their Backlinks
These are referral relationships between your competitors and other businesses.

9. Evaluate Their Products & Services
Note what each competitor is doing right, how they add value to clients, what needs improvement, and pay careful attention, taking note of what they miss altogether.  This is your opportunity to outshine them.

10. Use All Of The Above To Do It Better
Go the extra mile for your clients adding value for money to every aspect of your business by applying what you’ve learned so far.

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