Maintain Health & Functionality of WordPress Sites

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Written By Sandra Ciminelli

Sandra is a WordPress freelancer who is passionate about seeing small business flourish.

Maintain Health & Functionality of WordPress Sites

Some people opt to maintain their own website to save costs. However that doesn’t work for everyone as most people don’t have the inclination to do so nor do they have the free time to take on any more work.

These tasks may include:

  1. System backups – can be automated to take the hassle out of regular manual backups.  There are several great plugins to choose from.
  2. Security Checks & Regular Checks for Malware Firewall/malware plugin is essential to protect site from brute force attacks. Malware scans are usually scheduled or automated.
  3. WordPress Version Core Updates – a backup is strictly essential prior to updating WordPress. Update WordPess version directly from the WordPess Dashboard.
  4. Plugin Updates – updates can be automated or updated manually.
  5. Delete inactive plugins – requires to be done manually.
  6. Check Hyperlinks – there are ophan link checker plugins available. Only use the ones that have been updated recently and are popular and widely used as the abandoned plugins can and will crash your site.
  7. Search Engine Optimisation – plugins are available. Only use the most reputable. I recommend Yoast SEO, particularly for bloggers as it has handy tips that help with SEO.
  8. Optimise Images – if your site is heavy on images I recommend using an image optimiser to make your pages load faster.
  9. Conduct a technical Audit – test every aspect of your website’s customer experience, useability and function to make sure your site ranks well and runs smoothly on the internet. Click all your buttons and links, visit all pages and click on images and test your galleries, portfolios and do so on other devices, particularly on tablets and mobile phones, android and Iphone.
  10. PHP updates – Keep your site running smoothly with the latest PHP version.

It takes time to properly take care of your site doing things regular plugin updates, backups and security checks. So if you’d rather let someone else take good care of your website then contact ACT Websites.

Maintenance services are available to do the following:

  • System Backup
  • WordPress Updates
  • PHP Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Plugin Updates

Check out our prices here.

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