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WordPress is easy to use and on this page, I’m going to show you how you can manage your own site by providing a few lessons and some handy tips to get you started using WordPress and Divi.

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How Do I Log Into My New WordPress Site?

Log onto the WordPress Dashboard on a Desktop PC or laptop, by typing your web address on your web browsers address bar and then add  /wp-admin without any spaces, and hit enter on your keyboard.  E.g.: www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin

You should see a page that looks something like the image below. Use your login credentials to sign in to the Dashboard.  

How to log into your self-hosted wordpress site

How Do I Edit Text In Divi?

Log onto the WordPress Dashboard.

Go to Pages>All Pages> Hover your mouse over the title of the page you wish to edit and click on ‘Edit with Divi.’ Wait for your page to fully load. Note: You are now editing in the Divi Visual Builder.

Watch the video below for a short tutorial.




What WordPress updates are required?

Basic tasks that need to be carried out at least once a month for static sites that don’t regularly change. These are:

  • Plugin updates
  • Theme updates
  • WordPress Core Updates (when they become available)

Back up your site prior to carrying out the updates to create a restore point, in case you need to roll back your site to the previous version should anything go wrong during an update.

How do I add or change an image on a page?

Watch this video to learn how to change an image in the Divi Image Module.

How To Update Plugins?

Before updating plugins I suggest first conducting a backup of your site.  Conducting backups allow WordPress sites to be rolled back and restored to a previous version should something go wrong.

Manual Updates – Log onto the Dashboard.

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and Click on the check boxes of the plugins you’d like to install.  You can select all of them it doesn’t really matter.  Then at the top of the page in ‘bulk actions’ select update and hit the apply button.

Learn How To Conduct Bulk Plugin Updates. 

Safe Plugin Updates

For sites running Woocommerce, Membership sites and Online course websites, I highly recommend testing on a staging site rather than on your live site. Conducting safe updates of those larger sites will ensure the sites will remain up and running after a ‘major’ release/update.


How To Update To A New WordPress Version ? (WordPress Core File)

Log Into Your Dashboard> Updates




To Update WordPress Safely,  first conduct a complete backup your site. The backup will create a copy of your site and provide you with a restore point.  

After a successful backup,you may safely update WordPress to the newer version.


Where To Edit Blog Posts

Log onto your WordPress Dashboard.

Go to Posts >All posts > Hover your mouse over the title of the page you wish to edit and click on ‘Edit.’

Most of my clients will have the classic builder installed. However you may have the Gutenberg editor.

( Note: As a beginner it is best that you DO NOT edit in the Divi Visual Builder which I reserve for page editing only.)

Formulate A Blog Post

Learn how to formulate a blog post, find free and paid Google Services and discover simple ways to get your business noticed online.

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