Landing Pages

Highly Targeted To Capture Leads

A standalone web page created for promotional purposes

 Landing pages are basically where your website visitors ‘land’ after clicking a link from an email, social media ad, or other source on the web. They’re super helpful for digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

ACT Websites can craft your web copy

Landing Pages That Sell

Move others into taking action, through carefully crafted content that speaks to your demographics in everyday language. 

Generate leads as you collect your site visitor’s contact information in exchange for a freebie, or as part of your social media marketing campaign to promote an event, product, or service.

Why rely on luck when you can be intentional?

A highly targeted web copy that creates an emotional connection with your products and services and incorporates a compelling call to action increases your chances of making that sale and acquiring registrations and bookings.

Now you decide what landing page suits your purpose. 

Strategic Landing Pages


Lead Capture Landing Page

These are primarily used for building email marketing lists so that you can stay in touch with potential customers. Basically you offer a value packed freebie such as an ebook or a discount in exchange for an email address. Lead capture landing pages can be used to promote your online course enrolments, app downloads, membership registrations and free trials with the sole purpose to create sales opportunities.

Click-through Landing Page

A highly informative and persuasive landing page that elaborates on the benefits of a product or service. The goal is to get the user to ‘click-through’ the page quickly to the next stage and eventually through to the main call to action.

Product Landing Page

Market a specific product with a complete breakdown of what it is, how it works, what features it has and what the benefits are, pointing out specifically what pain points or problems the product solves. Ideally the page uses images and/or video. A product landing page is often used to promote new products, and to highlight your best selling product.

An Event Landing Page

Promote your conference, meet-up, event or webinar with an event plugin, to create a page with relevant event information, a countdown, a CTA and drives more registrations for gaining attendees with a brief registration form. A payment gateway can be added for paid registration payments using PayPal or Stripe for example. 

A Squeeze Landing Page

Brief, short, concise and to the point. These pages don’t use a lot of text or images. Great for opt-ins, offering ebooks and downloads, booking services, consultation bookings on a small page designed to drive transactions with a clear CTA.


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