Landing Pages

Highly Targeted Pages


ACT Websites can craft your web copy

Effective landing pages are designed to move your target audience into taking action, through carefully crafted content that speaks to your demographics in everyday language. 

You’re probably considering creating a landing page for your website where you collect your site visitor’s contact information in exchange for a freebie, or as part of your social media marketing campaign to sell product or service.

Landing pages are an opportunity to turn site visitors into paying clients.

Relying on luck to generate leads for your business isn’t a good idea. People don’t just buy from you because they land on your website. A targeted web copy creates an emotional connection with site visitors  and prompts them to take action.

Boost your sales and conversion rates with a well designed and SEO targeted landing page.  

There are various types of landing pages to take advantage of, such as: 

  1. Email newsletter subscriptions
  2. Ebooks and white papers
  3. Event registrations
  4. Online course enrolments
  5. Free trial or giveaways
  6. App downloads
  7. Membership registrations

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