Driving Traffic To My Business Website Simplified

Driving Traffic To My Business Website Simplified

So you have a new website?  Now you need people to find your business online.

The web is a busy place with loads of people looking for products and services.  Just like in the image above business owners like to put their business names up in lights to draw people’s attention to their products and services.  Being noticed online is no different than what you see out in the streets, on the side of buses and in shopping malls.  You need to stand out!  A good product usually sells itself but nobody will know about it without marketing of some sort.  A good marketing strategy is vital to any business.  There are a few steps that small businesses owners can take to draw more traffic to their websites.

Here are some things you can do on a small business budget that will maximise your chances of being found in cyberspace.

Make sure your website is listed on Google Search Engine.  Submit your site’s URL if it hasn’t already been submitted.

Advertise your business on Social Media.

In Australia you don’t really need to be a member of every social media there is out there.  Most Aussies love Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram!   Facebook being the most used where people can like and share your posts.  Google plus is a must, considering that Google owns the best search engine on the planet and Instagram is becoming more popular with the younger crowds.  These three are a great way to get your products and services across to a larger audience.

Before you get started, make sure you set up a LinkedIn account.  LinkedIn is a professional network where professionals connect to other professionals, where employers look for potential employees, where others endorse and search for thought leaders. There are both free and paid memberships available.

  1. Facebook – Is the most popular social media to date with the largest number of users world wide. On Facebook, posts can be boosted (paid), pages can be promoted (paid) and you can grow a list of followers who will join your page by posting your link on other pages and groups.  A great tool for sharing your website content and driving more traffic to your website.
  2. Instagram – Post your videos and images to a large audience to build your following.

You can also drive more traffic to your site by listing on business classifieds by placing an advert with them.
(Some may not be free)  The more you advertise your site the more chances it will have of being found.  The more links you have out there on other sites that point to your website the better chance you have of creating leads and web traffic that is driven to your site will help to improve search engine ranking.

Australian Business Classified Ads

  1. All Classifieds
  2. Yelp
  3. Start Local
  4. Aussie Web
  5. DLook
  6. Local
  7. Company List
  8. Come On Aussie
  9. Yalwa

Things that I can do to drive more traffic to my website?

  • Write Interesting Blogs on your website with a relevant image and post the link to your social media business page adding a blurb. (a short and captivating introduction to entice readers)  Great content gets you noticed and builds an audience of people who keep coming back for more of your compelling reading. Readers become your loyal followers or your “tribe.”
  • Post interesting and relevant articles and images on social media to keep people engaged in conversations on your page.

Is your site listed in the Yellow Pages directory?  If not you can consider adding a free submission.

Take into consideration that well organised marketing campaign can grow your customer base by increasing that traffic flow you’re after.  Marketing can be a costly, but worth while investment if done right.

Paid Advertising

Consider Google Adwords paid per click advertising to draw in a larger audience and much more traffic to your website.

Website performance and traffic analytics

Google Analytics – will help you gain a better understanding of your web traffic and audience.  A great way to gain the upper hand for marketing purposes.   (free and premium accounts available)

Transparency Statement

I stand to gain a small commission from sales resulting from affiliate links. However, I only endorse quality products that I try, use and test myself.

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