Domain Names – How To Pick Them

how to pick a domain

Written By Sandra Ciminelli

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Domain Names – How To Pick Them

Domain Names – Here are some basic principals to help you come up with a winning domain name for your business, blog, hobby or portfolio.

Remember that your domain name needs to reflect your business name.  Here are some basic rules to follow that will help you along with your decision making.

Make sure you read the lot and cover all your bases before you start!

If you haven’t registered for an ABN or for a Business name start here.

  1. Before you go ahead and apply for a domain name, register for an Australian ABN number.
  2. Both the business and domain names you choose have to be relevant to your business,  goods, services or products you provide.  You may need to use a thesaurus for this.
  3. It might be an idea to check out domain names for those that may be taken before you decide on a business name.
  4. Register a unique business name.

If you already have an ABN and a registered business name start here.

  1. When picking your domain name keep it short and simple.  No more than 13 letters after the www. avoiding numbers, underscores and hyphens wherever possible to make the variation easy for others to type and to find.  Avoid these types of domain names:,  or (examples only)
  2. Avoid certain words that can make you look like a spam site good, winning and loans.
  3. If the domain name you want is already taken pick something else.  if your business is called red roses and is taken consider alternatives and pick something that will look amazing on your business card.
  4. When registering a domain name – make sure you pick the right top level domain like .com, .edu, .org, .net etc.  You might decide to register a .com and a domain to make it even easier to be found.
  5. Once you have a domain name you can sign up for web hosting.  ACT Websites Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting Packages.
  6. Remember that at ACT Websites we build great looking affordable websites.  Contact Sandra on 0413 305 967 for your appointment.  I come to you anywhere in the ACT.


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