Does My Website Need An Upgrade?

Does My Website Need An Upgrade?

Website design is as vital to present day business owners to compete in an overcrowded market and on social media platforms to be seen and heard. What a visitor takes away when they visit your website is vital to the success of your business.  Any website that causes confusion can undermine credibility and trust.  One of two things will happen within the first few seconds of clicking a website link. The site can invite and entice people or, by being too difficult to navigate, confusing. poorly designed or simply because it might not load fast enough WILL more ofen than not, repel potential clients. The risk is huge as opinions are quickly formed, taken away and often shared with others.   By providing others with a good experience online they are more likely to return.

Questions to ask yourself when considering redesigning your website

  • Do my pages take a long time to load?
  • Is my website responsive?
  • Are there features that could be added?
  • Are there features that are no longer used?
  • What do I want my site to look like?
  • Does my site represent my brand online?

What is a good website?

Any growth driven business has to stay competitive.  Staying competitive in today’s market means keeping up with internet and other technological changes.

A good website is a constantly changing platform to launch business campaigns from.  If marketed effectively it can used attract more leads and create opportunities.  A WordPress website has an easy to use and easy to learn CMS – Content Management System that allows you to make changes, publish content and keep up with technological demands to help your business stay competitive.

Mobile friendly sites are also ranked higher by Google.

A good website will integrate Social Media. Social media gives you opportunities galore when showcasing your goods and services.  Having your business on Social media can drive traffic to your website, generate leads and create a loyal customer following.  Social Networking has become a popular, is used globally as a sharing point for word of mouth advocates.  Today Word of mouth referrals have become high tech.  Social Media Integration will allow others to share your posts, pages, memes, blogs, videos and more while doing the advertising for you.

Fast loading pages are a must if you want to keep visitors interested. If they can’t access the information in a timely manner they will become frustrated and leave.

Traffic to your website should be measured to help you understand what you’re doing right and where you can make improvements.  Using Google Analytics you can clearly see what social media drives traffic to your website and where your leads are coming from.  Driving traffic to your website will help to improve your Google ranking.

A New Business Website

A good way to start a business website is by knowing your business first.  Doing some research in your niche market and then set clear goals will give you insight.  Then draw up a business plan to give you direction.  A website should be designed based on those goals and your business plan to present concise and clear content with optimum functionality to others online.

Compare a website to a restaurant

You’re compelled to look at what’s on offer because you’re hungry and need to eat.  Initially you’re enticed by the menu posted at the door but as you walk though the doors there’s so much more to look at.  As you look around and notice cleanliness of the place, the clientele, the quality of service, the decor, the atmosphere, the food, the grooming of the staff and all of this detail helps you get a feel for their attitude. If it’s a good place with a good feel service that delivers what you’re after,  your appetite is likely to increase.  On a return visit you will bring friends and family along.  The network of people that come on your recommendation will continually increase to visit that restaurant as they all bring others with them.  

In the same way, a website that’s easy to navigate through, is modern, provides clear and concise information, has images. functions the way it should and is easy to use can keep a person reading, searching and wanting to know more.  They tell their family and friends about their good find.  A good website is great marketing investment!

Sites are built to your specifications and your business needs in mind.  We keep your existing branding or can help with re-branding at a low cost.  Enquire about our services today to help your business come alive and be noticed online.

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