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Improve your WordPress website’s ranking, boost visibility and appear on Google search results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for WordPress

SEO is vital to the success of any WordPress site as it is designed to increase the traffic flow from the search engine results directly to the website by improving page ranking using keywords.  Keywords are search terms, key phrases and words others type into a search engine when looking for products and services.

In WordPress, on-page SEO pairs the keyword-rich content from your web pages, with the keywords and search terms added to your SEO plugin to make them searchable on Google.

If your pages aren’t ranking number 1 on Google, then they’re practically invisible. Nobody cares about the results on page two.

Recently,  have expanded my business to provide the following effective and affordable SEO services.

SEO Services


  1. Keyword Research – I find the best 100 keywords for your business.
  2. Content writing – Created with the best keywords for your niche and crafted in a human language your clients will understand. Use this service to declutter and simplify the information on your website with keyword Rich content.
  3. SEO Keyword Rank Monitoring – Optimise up to 100 keywords and monitor your competitors a monthly service and report. Nobody sees the results on page two of Google so we aim for the best possible outcome!  WordPress Site Care packages are also available on this page.
  4. Activation and configuration of the All In One SEO Pack plugin.  Configure on-page SEO on all web pages and blog posts. Add featured images & alt text, categories, snippets, metadata, social SEO information, tags, excerpts and keywords.
  5. Submit URL and Sitemap to Google Search Console.
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