WordPress Site Care Pricing

Free up your time with a WordPress site care package.
Request to combine WordPress site care with
 the SEO Keyword Ranking & Monitoring service to index your site and to place your pages at the #1 spot on Google.

Note: Memberships are limited to one per website. 

What you Get by Signing Up

Add an improvement to your site without any technical knowledge using our Canberra-based WordPress site care packages. We offer SEO keyword rank monitoring so you can keep track of your progress and closely monitor your business rivals.
Safe and secure. No contract. Opt out at any time! 

Free Up Your Valuable Time

Taking care of your website can be time-consuming, and can take you away from your business or marketing tasks.

The routine of updating content, adding new plugins, keeping track of what needs to be fixed is a list that just goes on!  It’s hard to stay on top of website care when there’s another equally as long to-do list demanding your attention.

ACT Websites can free up your valuable time for that perfect work-life balance with proactive help for simple site management tasks. Get the relief you need to help you stay on top of your WordPress site without taxing your free time.

Increase your website’s visibility and drive organic traffic to your pages by combining the site care packages with my SEO Keyword Rank & Monitoring service.

Contact Sandra to create a custom plan that works well for your business needs.

Rank No.1 on Google and Drive More Traffic

You want clients right? But it’s been ages since you’ve seen any traffic coming in, and you’re not really sure why. You’ve probably tried promoting social media ads to make your site more visible, but nothing seems to be working anymore.

Getting on top of Google is like climbing to the top of Mount Everest. It takes more than a few guides to get you there and it’ll test your limits. Besides, you can’t do everything at once!

ACT Websites offers a simple but effective SEO Keyword Rank & Monitoring service to take care of all of that for you. With a list of 100 of your best keywords, pages can be indexed based on the ones that rank the highest on Google Search Engine for strategic keywords.

For serious competitors looking for an edge over the competition, combine this option with my On-page SEO and Copywriting Services to create keyword-rich content that will supercharge your website’s visibility, send free traffic to your site, and boost your rankings even higher.