Branding & Logo Design

Branding & Logo Design

What Is Branding?

Business branding is the identifiable features designed, created, formed and crafted to distinguish one business or organisation from another.  A brand is also a powerful instrument enabling customers to form an initial impression and helps them make decisions about engaging with a business or not.

Choosing the right branding elements for your business brand is crucial to the way others perceive your business and/or their products. A strong brand identity has unique identifiable features that distinguish it from its competitors for creating long-lasting impressions.

ACT Websites has created branding for various clients to help each business stand out in excellence and reflect professionalism in their respective niche markets. See my authentic logo design examples.

Pictured: Website branding and business card designed to match. I also ordered printing on the client’s behalf for JEA Psychotherapy & Counselling.

Custom Designed Business Cards by ACT Websites

Brand Identity Features


A carefully thought of and relevant business name that isn’t too long and is memorable is a great place to start. Perhaps also consider that in web design a domain name of no more than thirteen characters is ideal. There are online apps to help with business name creation ideas. You might want to try

A tagline is a slogan to complement the business name and often gives insight into what the business is about and/or where it is located.  E.g. ACT Websites – Canberra WordPress Web Design & Help

This can be the name of your business using a combination of clever fonts and a logo image or simply the business name in the chosen text format. The logo creations pictured above were created by Sandra at ACT Websites.  Find fonts for your logo at Google Fonts.

From business website layouts to fonts and colouring, design takes all aspects of the brand into consideration and also includes the marketing material, how it is created, the way in which it is presented and used.

Colour psychology is the study of how colour affects perceptions and behaviour. Choose your colour palette carefully and wisely. Colours can be used in your logo, website and on all your marketing material. Have a look at  How to choose the right colours – by Canva.

Brand Identity

The tone in which messages are conveyed to your audience across any type of media such as social media, on your website, on radio, video content, on television, podcasts, Facebook Live, in search engine results, and on any marketing material.

This refers to the overall experience an individual has when interacting with a business as a website visitor, shopper, social media follower, video viewer, passerby or customer. 

Value for money and quality customer services are essential qualities of any business brand.

If customers feel like a brand ‘gets them’ and solves their problems, they’re more likely to identify with with the brand and feel connected with it. 

Brand values, brand personality, visual brand identity, and brand message are also key elements that help clients relate to a brand.


6 Strategic Logo Design Essentials

1. Authentic Design – each logo needs to be an original design.

2. Appropriateness – select all design aspects carefully, while considering the need to keep the design consistent with all other visual assets. Design a logo that makes sense to your demographics.

3. Minimalism – keep it simple. Cluttered designs can be confusing and potentially cause a disconnect.

4. Clarity – simple designs without subtle effects. Avoid shadows or beveling, for your design to work best across different digital platforms.

5. Colour Concept – colours have meaning and are known to evoke emotions and give impressions about your brand. Choose carefully.

6. Versatility – each logo needs to be created in various formats such as *.png *.svg and *.jpg to name a few. Also create logos in various sizes and layouts such as horizontal, vertical and square versions. A white transparent copy of the logo enables posting the logo on dark backgrounds.


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