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Create your brand with the right combination of colours. Or add a splash of colour to your web design and marketing projects using our colour charts designed to make the selection process easy. Feel free to use these colours as you please, noting that each colour below has its unique hexadecimal code.  Your designer will require each of the hexadecimal codes of the colours you choose.

Please note that if you don’t find the shade you’re looking for here, you may wish to use the Web FX Colour Picker tool to generate even more shades of colour.

If you’re after some font styles, scroll down past the charts for more information.

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Where To Find Free For Commercial Use Fonts

Visit Google Fonts to test out some free fonts by adding your text. Fonts can enhance your branding with some great styles to be used in logo design, website banners, headings, subheadings and body text.  Make your web content and marketing efforts consistent.

Finding free for commercial use fonts can be tricky. has a blog post listing 50 free fonts!  However, I encourage you to read all font licenses before using them, just in case they’re not actually free.

Contact Sandra if you require help with brand design. I have helped many of my clients design their unique branding style.

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