How Often Should I Backup My WordPress Site?

How Often Should I Backup My WordPress Site?

What is a backup?
Regular maintenance of your WordPress website is essential to keep it running as smoothly as possible. We can prevent these sites from crashing by updating files to the latest security patches and by running regular backup operations. Regular backups of your WordPress website are essential and need to be conducted as part of your maintenance routine. A backup creates a copy of your website’s data and of the databases, and also creates restore points from which your website data can be retrieved and restored. Website owners stand to lose everything without the regular backup of their website.
How frequently should I be backing up my website?
How often your website needs backing up will depend on the level of changes and the traffic your website experiences. Below are some key factors to consider.



Monthly You have a small website that doesn’t produce any income.
Weekly You have a static website that doesn’t get a lot of traffic.
Daily Your website gets comments or has content updates at least once a week. Best option for small business & online stores with low traffic.
12 Hourly You make changes at least one time per day to content on your website.
6 Hourly Your website experiences daily changes to content.
Every Hour Your website is large, experiences heavy traffic and has frequent hourly content updates.

As well as conducting regular backups, ACT Websites offers 2 maintenance packages for smaller or larger businesses.

  • The Basic Plan covers all the essential components a small site needs to keep it running smoothly. Includes incremental backups of your site.
  • The Premium Plan is for larger business sites that frequently change and includes incremental backups.

Busy entrepreneurs will benefit from purchasing web hosting that include Managed WordPress in their plans. This means that they take care of all the WordPress maintenance stuff that you don’t have time for as part of your package.

However, if you prefer to do your own maintenance or occasionally hire someone to give your site a once over, discover our Maintenance Plans Here.

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