5 Basic Qualities Of A Winning Team

5 Basic Qualities Of A Winning Team

All leaders start out with a dream to succeed in what they do.  In my experience a driven, talented and passionate leader is usually a person who can lead from a standpoint of stability to motivate his or her team to work together toward a common vision and company goals.

Team Work Quotes

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Caring about our employees in certain ways has been proven to elevate work performance and keep your workers happy.  But what does it take to motivate the team to become more productive and efficient?

1. Allow For Mistakes

In my experience a work environment that allows you to say, “I made a mistake” makes a happier and better work place.  Mistakes are a natural part of the growing process. Lets face it, sometimes we just get it wrong.

2. Encouragement

We don’t always get a pat on the back when we deserve it.  A kind word, or a comment like, “Well done” goes a long way in raising employee morale. These little verbal rewards make people feel noticed and appreciated.  In large organisations it’s easy to feel like a you’re just a number.  Those who are encouraged will automatically want to do well at work. Better still, honouring your workers for both the huge projects and for the little things they get done is equally as important.  I’ve heard a person use the term, “payment is its own reward,” while trying to do away with verbal gratitude.  But that’s the wrong attitude simply because encouragement has been proven to have a huge ROI that doesn’t cost anything in monetary terms, with improved quality of work and increased production.

3. Support

There’s nothing better than being able to have a quick word to someone when we aren’t sure about how something works.  All it takes is a few minutes to get that helping hand.  Being supported in this away is crucial to some positions.   It’s nice to know that your co-workers and employer have your back.   Some workers have disabilities or mental health issues who require extra support.  A workplace that promotes, team work,  good mental health and equality for all encourages excellence.

4. Ongoing Training  & Personal Development

When an employer invests in their employees’ skills and personal development will add value to them  The outcome will be a raised level of professionalism within a company which keeps up with current trend, industry knowledge and technology helping the company gain trust with others.

“You add value to people when you value them.” John C Maxwell.

5. Communication

Being able to talk to each other about work related issues with the ability to ask questions of one another is crucial for the team to stay in touch with important information.  Team leaders need to communicate the goals, values, mission and vision of the company, but also be friendly and approachable.  Technology allows for several methods of communication within organisations; that can be done by email, phone, on chat apps, in person and at a team meeting. We use Skype and other methods of visual communication to enable us to chat face to face across the globe. Conferences are a great way for larger companies to bring employees together to present company information on a larger scale to the team at one place. Even the little chats that take place over the coffee machine are all good for company morale.

By Sandra Ciminelli

Valued employees have been proven to be more productive and efficient when happy in the workplace.

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